DJ Bio’s


Underground Panther

AKA Yobel Ande

"If I had to pick three most important things in my life that I truly cared about, it’d be my family, Cedar Rapids, and Hip-Hop music."

About Underground Panther:
Underground Panther is a Hip-Hop radio station that’s dedicated to showcasing the best mix of today’s contemporary Rap and R&B Music. What separates us from the rest is that we’re also the only Hip-Hop radio station that loves to show off its admiration of music genres ranging from jazz, rock, alternative, and local musicians of all kinds. Located in the dungeons of campus, we spread love, peace, and positivity through a variety of great music and the open expression of everyone to live their own lives. Check us out every Wednesday and Sunday Night on 94.5 KULT!


The Owl

The Hoot

AKA Nicole Auel

"I like to go to cool places, climb big rocks, and eat good food."

About The Hoot:
Folk is underrated. I’m here to share how awesome it is.

DJ Beecher

2-4 Power Hour

AKA Dalton Beecher

Hello all! My name is Dalton Beecher and I am a Freshman Social Science Education Major! I am from Cascade, Iowa and when you can't find me on campus you can find me at a hockey game. I will bring you the best of the 2000's during the 2-4 Power Hour every Monday and Friday! If you have any request for upcoming shows you can always send me an email at, and I will do my best to include it in the upcoming show! Cheers, Dalton


Just Jordan

Just Jordan Radio Show

AKA Jordan Loes

About Just Jordan:
Just Jordan keeps the campus updated with what's going on during the week, as well as giving an alternative to hearing the same boring overplayed music on most stations.


Morning Muses

AKA Olivia Novak


I appreciate a diverse range of music and I am open to listen to anything. I love underground hip-hop and alternative. I love acoustic music and instrumentals.

Zildjian Bartels

Hello. My name is Zildjian Bartels. I am a junior majoring in Electronic Media. I am named after a brand of cymbals.

Kevin Thorn

"Special K"

Gamer, loves soccer and volleyball, E-media major

Kyle Konigsmark


Just a small town Iowa boy that loves surf rock. I am a communication major who loves gaming, making movies, and love America!

Katie Hammond

"Katie Jo"

Music Tech major, Disney lover, PMB Drumline captain, UNI Club Tennis player, and kid at heart.

Avery Karkosh


Working with KZIA 2102.9 in Cedar Rapids currently, I'm one of the overnight owls. I want to talk to KULT to express more of my personal music choices, and to be your closest friend & resource.

Dani Jud


Senior in PR

Maddison Jansen


I'm a news junky that likes politics and easy listening music. I have an affinity for pugs and the weather.

Andrew Dickerson


I enjoy them old 60s tunes & such. I am male. Vinyl is great. etc.

Austin Brands

"Bubba Pudding"

My name is Austin Brands. I'm 21 years old. I come from a small town in northwest Iowa. Ready to have some fun!

Tristan Bennett

"Tris One Zero"

Alex Prinsen

"DJ X"

I like long walks on the beach and the West Wing.

Paul McLees

"DJ Saul"

I'm easy going and like introducing people to new stuff.

Christian Stroschein

Garrett Freeman

Chase Danielsen

"DJ Chase Bryant"

Jenna Eberhart

Hi! 🙂 I'm Jenna, I'm a TESOL/Spanish Teaching major. I would like to let people to hear a variety of music & have an open-minded opinion about them. I enjoy music of all types and want to express my likes to others and share! Whooooooo!!!

Ryan Stevens

"Rye Bread"

I like music.

Brian Marshall


NFL news, NFL predictions, NFL updates, NFL discussions, guest speaker/analysts.

Ian Shilhanek

"DJ The Show"

Quinn Hostager

"DJ Quinn"

Hello! I'm Quinn. I'm from Iowa City, IA. This is my 2nd year at UNI & I'm a history ed. major. If you love a variety of indie music, come listen in to my show!

Taylor Peterson

"Daisy Duke"

Hi, my name is Taylor Peterson. I'm your host DJ Daisy Duke. I play country and 90s hits. I'm a sophomore, majoring in electronic media. I'm an ovarian cancer survivor, I love music. You can also find me front row at sporting games with the panther pep crew.

Austin Hansen

"The Panther Fan"

Two panther fans playing what campus wants to hear. We love sports, music, and everything UNI.

Nick Nielsen

I'm a pop music enthusiast and an avid concert goer. I've seen plenty of divas from Miley Cyrus to Nicki Minaj. It's a lifestyle.

Caleb Kruse

Aven Helgerson

"DJ Skarar"

I like toast.

Chris Fenton

"DJ Fentar"

Music Technology/Performing Arts Management major at UNI. Very big into rock music.

Mahleya Williams


My name is Mahleya Williams from Waterloo. Freshman at UNI. Very talkative. Only interested in one sport, women's track and field. 

Austin Westerman


I have DJed two dances during high school.

Paolo Mondadori

"Vanilla Wafer"

I have two cats.

Alexander Sherman

I enjoy wine and Amy Winehouse.

Sara Raman


Samuel Amadeo

"Sir Mix a Little"

I said M-A-S-T-E-R, a G with a double E, I said I go by the unforgettable name of the man they call the Master Gee. Well my name is known all over the world by all the foxy ladies and the pretty girls. I'm going down in history as the baddest DJ there could ever be.

Aaron Black

Philosophy major. I love metal and folk music. Favorite bands include Tides of Man, Circa Survive, Animals as Leaders, and Oh, Sleeper.

Cal Gruening

"50 Cal"

Been DJing for five years, played at 515 Alive, favorite thing is sharing great music with great people.