Joshua Farris

Show: The “Farrist” radio show of them all

I’m originally from Cisne, Illinois. I am a major sports fan, with my favorite teams being the: Tennessee Titans, Stl. Cardinals, and Boston Celtics. I am also a fan of any song that makes a person feel good, regardless of the genre.

Aricson Knoblock

Show: Explorations

I love everything and anything music. I listen to almost every genre and I love finding new artists to listen to. I also enjoy movies, so film scores are at the top of my interests list. Beyond that, I like to play a few video games, hang out with my friends, and take care of my pets.


Show: Groggy Darko’s Dark Hour

I’ve been interested in all things alternative for as long as I can remember. Growing up in Iowa I had to dig deep and travel far to satisfy my love for horror films, experimental art, and hidden subcultures. I also love flowers, dogs, and romantic movies. My biggest passion outside of deep research in my red lit room is cooking.


Show: Chill Morning Vibes

As someone whose first artist they listened to was Taylor Swift and whose first concert was Go Fish, my music interests have exploded over the years. A large chunk of my brain is dedicated to memorizing songs, leading to my friends being amazed when I know every single song played in public. I’m a Digital Media Production major who adores spending hours of time in a dim room editing.


Show: DJ Rish Show

I’m Rishem and I am currently undecided on my major. I love listening to music, not too fond of rap music but love pop, alternative, and classics. I am a total movie freak, as well and very good at impersonations.

Dylan Simmons

Show: DC At Night

My name is Dylan and I am a metalhead with a penchant for horror movies, electric guitars, fast cars, and puppies.  I am also a diabetic who is just returning from a year off. My major used to be theatre but I have now changed it to psychology. I also like hiking, biking, comic books and Dungeons and Dragons.


Show: Locals Only

I’m just a guy trying to make his way in the world. My major is Digital Media Journalism and I love everything music related. I’m a musician who plays in two bands. 


Show: Clough and Q SportsTalk

Hey, I’m Clough and I’m a senior majoring in Communication. I’m super big into sports. I’m also the sports editor for the Northern Iowan and announce women’s basketball games as well as softball games on ESPN3 for UNI. I’m also highly involved with BASIC on campus – I lead a bible study and work at Orchard Hill Church.


Show: Clough and Q SportsTalk

I am a senior at UNI with a Digital Media Productions Major. I am a sports fanatic that loves to talk about them. My hobbies are hunting fishing and playing recreational sports.

Chris Wichert

Show: DC At Night

I am an aspiring filmmaker with experience in the world of classical music and music technology.  I love rock in all its forms as well as a good pun, I’m basically like your dad. A good political discussion will always spark up my interest, but most of the time you can find me spending my free-time playing video games with friends or watching movies.