Our Hosts

Joshua Farris

Show: The “Farrist” Radio Show of Them All

I’m originally from Cisne, Illinois. I am a major sports fan, with my favorite teams being the: Tennessee Titans, Stl. Cardinals, and Boston Celtics. I am also a fan of any song that makes a person feel good, regardless of the genre.

Chase Kline

Show: Kline @ 9

My name is Chase and I am a Performing Arts Management major. I was born in New Oreleans, LA. I love to travel, eat, and anything that seems to be “out of the ordinary”. Above all, I like good music.

Mack Vos

Show: News Show

I am a senior majoring in Music Technology and Interactive Digital Studies. I love to listen to music, and play it as well. Also love to entertain in any way, and to teach people about things they may not know. On my show you can hear me talking bout the local, national, and international news.

Dylan Simmons

Show: DC At Night

My name is Dylan and I am a metalhead with a penchant for horror movies, electric guitars, fast cars, and puppies.  I am also a diabetic who is just returning from a year off. My major used to be theatre but I have now changed it to psychology. I also like hiking, biking, comic books and Dungeons and Dragons.

Delaney Darnell


Show: Wonderful Women

My name is Delaney and I am a song writer, makeup artist, and teacher. I will be playing music written by or preformed by females. We will shine light on female musicians who have been taken for granted or ignored by the music world. Every week we will tackle a new genre.

Logan Blackman

Show name: Logan Blackman Show

Hey, I’m Logan and I am a Senior and I am a digital media major with an emphasis on journalism. On campus I am involved with Chi Alpha, intramural sports, and filming the different sporting events here at UNI. I am a transfer student from William Penn University where I played football and really got started with doing radio. I think KULT is different because I feel it allows students to express themselves. We are free to talk about what we’re passionate about without hesitation. After I graduate I want to work in the sports media industry. I would love to continue doing a sports talking show whether that is locally or whether I make it big, this is what I want to do.

Hunter Friesen


Show: Your World with Nick and Hunter

My names Hunter and I’m from Minneapolis. I am a third year Accounting major. In my free time, you can always catch me doing something involving my two passions, movies and sports. Along with this show, I am also the film critic for The Northern Iowan and president of Film Appreciation Club here on campus.

Christian Lund


Show name: The Album Hour

My names Christian and I am senior majoring in music technology. Each week I pick out an album or two and during my show I play the whole album start to finish and talk about what I hear. There’s a wide range of genres that I choose from, and every week is something new.